Refrigerated Containers For Hire

With temperatures ranging between -35°c to +30°c, Spacewise refrigerated containers are perfect for storing a wide range of products, from food and drink, to pharmaceutical goods and samples, to high value temperature sensitive inventories.

Bakery Refrigerated Container Storage

With a wide variety of temperature controlled units in stock, we can help your business keep products fresher for longer.  Our units are food and pharmaceutical grade.

Refrigerated Container Storage For Farms

We deliver highly effective storage solutions at affordable rates, our temperature controlled units provide big and small Farms, with peace of mind and easy access to produce. 

Refrigerated Food Container For Supermarkets

Our containers are capable of controlling temperatures between -35°c to +30°c. We provide bespoke rental terms tailored to meet the unique needs of Supermarkets.

Refrigerated Drink Storage FOR EventS

The dynamic world of event organisation can be made a little less chaotic with the addition of reliable refrigerated units from Spacewise.

Refrigerated Pharmaceutical Storage

If your pharmaceutical company, hospital or medical practice is lacking reliable refrigerated space, our experienced team can offer a unique rental solution.

Seasonal Refrigerated Containers Hire

For many businesses, the need for refrigerated space tends to fluctuate depending on the season, for example, the event industry often experiences a spike during the summer months...

10FT Refrigerated Containers

At just 10ft in size, our smallest containers are ideal for companies looking to expand their pre-existing cold storage capacities.

20FT Refrigerated Containers

Reliable, secure, and providing temperatures of -35°c to +30°c, our most popular product can store up to x10 Euro pallets or x9 metric pallets per layer. 

40FT Refrigerated Containers

With the capacity to store up to 23x Euro Pallets or x20 metric pallets per layer, our 40ft refrigerated shipping containers are perfect to safely store large quantities of inventory.

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